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This is how useful Weapon Skins are in CSGO

Weapon skins in CSGO make the game more fun and give players the opportunity to customize their game. If you’re smart about it, you can even earn money with them. So it pays to play regularly.

Expensive skin = more skill?

Unfortunately, there are more and more pay-to-win games. CS:GO, actually Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is fortunately not one of them.
The Weapon Skins in CSGO don’t improve the weapon, but only enhance it visually. Instead of a boring, black M4, the character now carries a fiery Howl, brightly colored Cyber Security or the classic Asiimov.
Even though these skins don’t change the damage of the weapon, most CSGO players prefer to play with skins rather than the default weapons. The abundance of different skins simply leaves nothing to be desired. Having a beloved skin increases the fun of the game and with it the willingness to improve.
In addition, many skins are available as StatTrak(TM). Skins with this feature save kills that their owner has made. The number of kills can be viewed via a small indicator on the weapon. StatTrak(TM) increases the value of a skin.

Earn money with Weapon Skins

CSGO skins are available for every budget. The cheapest ones go for a few cents over the virtual counter. For the most popular ones, fans have to shell out several thousand dollars.
This also makes Weapon Skins a potential source of income. Players not only get them by paying to open boxes, but they also drop after every match.
Most of the time, the drops are inexpensive skins, but with a lot of luck, there are also expensive variants. Some of the crates themselves are also worth a lot of money.
If you sell them directly via the Steam market, you get the proceeds as Steam credit. Via third-party sellers, it is additionally possible to convert the skins legally and directly into money.
The Best Weapon Skins in CSGO are Knives, StatTrak(TM) variants and Blue Gems. Especially the latter have enormous potential. Blue Gems are Case Hardened skins that randomly appear completely or extensively blue. Their value is determined not only by the condition of the weapon and market demand. In its case, collector value is critical.
Collectors and enthusiasts are not infrequently willing to pay many times the market price for the popular Blue Gem. This makes Blue Gems, best in combination with StatTrak(TM) or as a Knife, the Best Weapon Skins CSGO.

Skins, Crates and Co. as a Valuable Asset

Cases, stickers and skins are even suitable as virtual investments in some cases. The cases only drop for a certain amount of time. Afterwards they disappear from the game again. If you hold them back, their value slowly increases. In some cases, they can be resold for over 100 dollars. If they are drops, you have earned this money without any effort, just by playing CSGO.