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4 weeks Fifa 23 – A first conclusion!

For the last time for now, EA’s obese soccer simulator FIFA 23 will be released with the World Football Association as a partner. Starting in 2023, the game will be launched under the new name EA Sports FC. Reason enough for the developers to incorporate innovations and set a milestone with the last game. Did EA implement it that way?

Known problems with bugs

One thing in advance, basically gamers do not expect a revolution. EA does without a last big feature, which gives you to understand that the partnership ends. Many gamers would still be happy if all-too-familiar bugs were finally corrected, but there is a high probability that they will remain with the next update. The very lively FIFA coach on the sidelines comes into the picture again and again without being asked, in situations that do not require an insertion. The performance should also be worked on, especially weaker computers can’t always exploit the game’s potential to the fullest satisfaction. Good of the game’s flaws, there are also positives to report.

Licenses for clubs and players

The authenticity of the game is very pleasing. For this, EA secured names of clubs and players and not only from men’s soccer, but also women’s soccer is extensively represented original. This makes coaching and gaming feel much more real, and some players are fully absorbed in the role of the club boss. What the players sometimes bring to the pitch is very remarkable, because a simulation is allowed to deviate from real techniques and moves to challenge the gamer more. A new turbo shot is just as possible as dribbling to the five-meter area. Only the standards seem inadequate despite numerous digital aids, most of the time the player misses the shot and the ball lands in the nowhere of the arena.

Start a career in a club

Gamers who take over a club in FIFA 23 are often not completely satisfied with the current squad or lack various items to win the championship or one of the international competitions with the team. FIFA Coins 23 can be obtained by players of the soccer simulator in two ways, one of which is easier to follow. Through successes, the gamer generates income to actively trade on the transfer market or take other measures for a successful season. However, transfer movements and success payments are always dependent on a gamer’s skill and those who lack experience will have to take a deep breath at first to generate FIFA Coins 23. Coins for the game can be bought online and with them the player of FIFA 23 immediately gets the possibility to design his team in a way that successes are realistically achievable. FIFA Coins 23 are available for real money and this is definitely the easier way to start with a decent budget in the game.

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