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Career: Is it smart to get a Master’s Degree?

Depending on the course of studies and the industry you work in, a Master’s degree can be a smart decision to get a better job or a better salary. You will find more reasons for a Master’s degree in the following.

Specialization, experience and qualifications

By combining different subjects, you can create an individual profile of skills. If you continue your studies after your Bachelor’s degree, you can get the Master to get an even better qualification. This, in turn, helps you to score a job with a higher salary. Specialization will show the world and future employers what your unique selling point is and what makes you stand out from the pack!

management degree

Better chances for a great career and competitive salaries

Having a Master’s degree promises better career opportunities, because many jobs require further education beyond the Bachelor. Having a Master’s degree enables you to get an executive job in a shorter period of time. For an academic career you will  have to get the degree either way, because you will probably be expected to get the doctorate on top of it, which requires a Master’s degree. Your salary at the start of a new job will be approximately 16% higher, if you have the degree. Especially in the finance, engineer and business sector, you will need a Master’s degree to start your career right.

Going abroad for your studies: New skills and experience

It is a great opportunity to go abroad for your studies. Often there is too little time to enjoy this experience in the course of the Bachelor’s degree, therefore you can use the time while doing your Master’s. You can improve  your skills in a different languagge than your mother tongue and gain job experience in your field in a foreign environment. This will make you more attractive for future employers. While getting a Management degree there is often also the opportunity to go abroad.

These subjects require a Master’s Degree

In general, it can be said that these degree programs in particular require a master’s degree:

* Teacher
* Pychology
* Medicine
* Natural science
* IT

In the Business and Finance sector the situation is similar. In summary, if you should do a management degree depends on the course of study and the personal ideas of an appropriate position you have.

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